What does Deals 4 Brisbane do?

deals4brisbane.com.au is a Business to Business daily deal website that saves you 50-90% on restaurants, accommodation, entertainment, advertising, marketing, services etc. Part of our service includes emailing you the best deal each day. Some deals require you pay deals4brisbane.com.au to get the voucher whilst other deals require you make payment directly to the merchant when redeeming your goods or services. For vouchers that require no payment to deals4brisbane.com.au simply click “print now” and receive the voucher instantly. If you purchase the deal from deals4brisbane.com.au you will receive an email with your voucher within 48 hours after the deal has completed its promotion. When you receive your coupon print it off, and present it to the business to redeem your offer.

What do I do if I want to buy the deal?

Most deals go for 3 days so you have limited time to make your purchase. If you want to buy the deal, simply click the button on the home page “Buy It”. Once the “deal is on” and you have purchased it you will receive an email with your voucher 48 hours after the deal stops being promoted.

When I click “Buy It” will I be billed straight away?

You will receive a confirmation email from deals4brisbane.com.au to let you know that your order has been successful. Once your order is confirmed, your Credit Card or Pay Pall account will be billed.

Where is my voucher?

Your voucher arrives in your account on the date advised in your confirmation email.

To access your voucher just follow these steps:

  1. Go to www.deals4brisbane.com.au and login to your account by clicking ‘Sign In’.
  2. Select ‘My Vouchers’ from the top navigation.
  3. Your voucher purchases will now be displayed.
  4. To view and/or print your voucher, click on ‘Download’.

I’ve followed the steps to locate my voucher but it’s not in my account!

Try logging in with your other email addresses. You may have more than one account setup or check your Credit Card or Pay Pall account statement. If there is no charge from Deals 4 Brisbane your purchase may not have been completed successfully.

If you have tried all of the above and still believe you are missing a Voucher drop us a line via the Contact us and we’ll investigate for you.v

I requested new password but it hasn’t been emailed to me!

The auto-response with your new password may have been filtered as spam. Please drop us a line via the contact page and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Can I use half my voucher on one visit and use the other half on subsequent visit?

No you can not use your voucher over several visits unless specifically stated on the coupon. Some retailers give you an additional coupon to spend on the second visit; where this is mentioned on the coupon it is okay to use on the next visit.

Can I use my Deals 4 Brisbane voucher in conjunction with other offers?

No you can not use it with any other offers the business may have running.

What does the valid date on the voucher mean?

The valid date refers to the last date you can redeem your voucher. Usually this ranges from 1 month to 1 year but be sure to check your coupon as valid dates vary. Always check the deal for expiry details and other terms and conditions before making your purchase and if prior bookings are necessary be sure to make the booking well in advance of the end valid date.

I have a business and would like to be featured on Deals 4 Brisbane how do I go about this?

Click here or complete a contact form at www.deals4brisbane.com.au/contact and one of our trained business executives will help you.

Does Deals 4 Brisbane have a phone number?

All customer support and service must be initially conducted via email, for tracking purposes and key accountability.
Please feel free to email us with your query, we will assist you as quickly as possible.